High Vibe, Pure Essential Oils

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Essential Oils can revolutionize the way we can manage our households and the well-being of our families. Get back to nature and arm yourself with reinforcements straight from Mother Nature. Wellness Advocate, Nichole Miller can start you on your own personal essential oil journey.

Jam'n Jellybeans

Goods fueled by jambands and love. A homegrown shop run by visionary, creative soul, Nichole Miller. Lovingly known as Mama Nic, she is the designer to phans, master upcycler, and eternally grateful. Her designs for little fans and their Mamas, keep respect for the earth an all people on it, a top priority!

Gypsy Vibe Tribe Essental Oil Team

Our growing tribe is revolutionizing the lives of everyone we meet by offering unwavering support, education on natural solutions using essential oils, and empowerment. We are a community committed to helping each and every one of us design a life we love and doing so with love, care, and concern for the planet AND all people on it.

Welcome to the story where alignment meets wellness.

Narrating the lifestyle of a true gypsy soul, on a mission to spark a revolution within you.


In our continuing journey of building a home in SW Florida, we have had trials and tribulations, challenges and victories, […]

Just Breathe

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Empowerment Kit!

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