A New Path for a New You

Dearest Sister,

Can you believe it’s the last day of 2017?  I certainly can’t!  All of us have had such unique  experiences this past year, I am sure.  However, I do believe there is a commonality among us.  I can take bets that we have all felt pulled in so many directions at some point, that we no longer feel whole.  I bet you don’t have the energy that you need to get through the day without wanting to take a nap.  I bet the current state of affairs in this world leaves your heart aching.  I bet that something keeps you up at night.  I bet you don’t have the time with your kids,  or friends and family that you deserve.  I bet you end up short-changing yourself.  BUT, I bet you were amazing at giving, and loving, and fixing, and working, and giving, and giving, and giving.  Am I getting warm?

With 2018 starting tomorrow, it is a great time to look at the past year and reflect on some things that you could take control over to get on the path of feeling better, having more stamina, feeling grounded and clear-minded, feeling well in your body all the way to your deepest parts of your soul.

If you think this kind of reflection about yourself is selfish, it is not.  In fact it is selfish NOT to, and let me tell you why.  You are not doing anybody any kind of service going around with your cup half full.  You are doing no service to the world by feeling ill or just getting by.  It’s time to stop putting YOU on the bottom of your priority list,  and move your self right up to the tippity- top, babe.  You belong up there.  Maybe nobody has told you that lately, so let me be the one to do it.


Ok, you say, but how or where can you start?  How do you reach a place of health?  How do you get back to the body and mind connections and find something that will support all of your systems – physically, emotionally, spiritually >> mind, body & soul!


Let me show you the path!

Did you know Essential Oils are 80% more potent then herbs alone. One drop of pure therapeutic peppermint essential oil contains the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea!  Let’s not waste our time and resources on anything less than superior.  In the long run using the most powerful essential oils will be more cost-effective and most effective on your wellness.
Did you know they support ALL of your systems in synergy. Yes.  All!  Creating true harmony within the body (even if you don’t believe in your ethereal body, they will still support it ) .


Since welcoming these oils my world just over a year ago,  I have been able to completely approach health for my family from a natural state. Supporting our bodies rather then creating a catastrophe of side effects. We are by far the healthiest we have ever been & as a Mama of three, it truly is empowering to support my family holistically, get rid of toxic cleaners, and have the best smelling house on the block!  The change in my mindset and my health over the past year has been truly amazing.

If you have been on the fence and are ready to take the plunge, this is the time! Don’t wait.  Don’t excuse yourself until you feel you don’t deserve it or can’t afford it.  I know if something is important to you (iphone, coffees from Starbucks, that new purse) you would and have found a way to find the resources. 

With the amazing starter kits from doTERRA, there is something for every need and every budget.  Yes, EVERYONE!  For example, the Home Essentials kit you will not only get our top 10 Oils plus a diffuser, you will also get a free bottle of Frankincense, if you order today (12.31.2017).  Yup, you heard me free Frankie!  Google the research about this oil.  PURE MAGI! On top of that you will be educated by me and welcomed into our beautiful tribe, were we will nurture you through your journey with these amazing oils. Do it today.  Do it tomorrow, but just do.  Trust me, you are missing out on a whole other, beautiful world if you don’t have these oils in your home.

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Love, Light, and Lots of Oils,


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