About Essential Oils

Would you like to join me in the revolution?

You know the spinning wheel.  Get sick.  Go to the doctors or drug store. Get synthetically produced drugs that have a laundry list of side effects. Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Enough already, right?

Let’s stop this out of control cycle and get back to what works…..natural solutions.   I want to empower you with essential oils so that you are ready for anything.  Take back some control and take back your health and well-being.

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Feeling intimidated or overwhelmed? 

Don’t know where to start or what do to with them? Breathe easy.  I am here.

Along with always having me as your resource, there are some great tools, books, apps, and websites out there to offer support as well.  You can always reach me on social media too.  Facebook  or  Instagram


Here are some great tools:



Modern Essentials App


doTerra App


The Daily Drop App

doTerra Univerity

Aroma Science

All Essential Oils are not created equal.

The brand I trust putting on my body and my families bodies, is doTerra.  I can’t stress enough the importance of using these Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils.  Here is a video as to why.

Business Opportunity

Is this all sounding divine to you?  Whether you are familiar with essential oils or are new, listen up.   I am looking for enthusiastic, kind-hearted, committed,  kick-ass, rock-star women who want to join forces with me.  My mission is to build a team to help sprinkle kindness, education, love, and compassion around the globe.  I want to give women who are looking for an opportunity to have,  one to take.

“But, Nichole….I hate being salesy and I don’t want to pressure people into buying things from me.”

To that I say that I am in service not sales.  I am just a vehicle for people to get the information needed,  to make informed decision about products we use and put into our bodies.  I am a vehicle to provide you with the highest quality forms of essential oils out there.  The oils do the work.  Once people get them in their hands,  they can’t but help sell themselves.  The reason is because they work!  I am a guide to educate them of the proper use,  and guide them to which ones may be beneficial in their lives.

I am about personal growth,  and building women leaders in our communities.  Does this sound “salesy” to you?

“But, Nichole….network marketing companies are all pyramid schemes.”

Unfortunately, network marketing has a bad reputation because of some very sleazy and immoral scam artists.  Let me explain why this is different.  At doTerra it is all about teamwork.  The company has decided to put it’s marketing dollars into the people’s hands,  and let them spread the good work about what they have to offer.

The way doTerra designed their compensation plan is very unique.  There are no limits to the abundance you can receive.  Did you hear me?  NO limits.  You can move up in rank even past your enroller or sponsor, which in a pyramid scheme you cannot.  This is actually encouraged!  Everyone wants you to succeed and will help you get there.

Take a look at those numbers.  Would any of those salaries be worth it for you?  If so, maybe this is something you should seriously consider.  This can be done working at it part-time while you keep your other job, or jobs in some cases.  Or, this can be done on full-blast, full-time and get to the top ranks even quicker.  You can do this for supplemental income or choose to do this as your full-time income.  Residual income is such an awesome concept.  If you want to know what that means, reach out to me.

“But, Nichole….what will people think of me for being involved in network marketing?” 

Well, I never have cared all that much what people thought.  As long as I was happy and wasn’t hurting anyone, then I was fine.  If you aren’t that confident yet about that yet, then you will just have to educate them.  When they experience these products for themselves,  and when they see all the lives you are touching by being a Wellness Advocate, I think they will be delighted at what you have found. They might to jump on board with you too!   So, what will they think? I believe they will think you are a go-getter,  and making shit happen for yourself and for your family.  Can I get a hell, yeah?


Still on the fence as to whether this is right for you?  Try reading this book here.

They don’t call it a four year career for nothing.  Would your rather work 40 years and still never shatter that glass ceiling or would you rather put your future in your own hands, and in four years have your world explode with abundance way beyond your wildest dreams?

If this sounds like your jam and are ready to get rolling.  Contact me today and let’s chat.