About Nichole Miller


My name is Nichole Miller and I am a conscious creator and natural lifestyle mentor.
The medicine I bring into the world is educating women on what the highest quality essential oils can do and guide them on exactly how to use nature’s gifts as tools to transform and upgrade their lifestyle.
I do this by offering guidance online, through personal consultations, and workshops. I offer an intimate look into my life and openly share how I incorporate essential oils into our family’s life so you can see firsthand what that really looks like and how impactful it is. I keep a fresh blog on my site, offer how-to videos on FB and IG, and hold space for an online community (or tribe as we call it) where support and encouragement are practiced daily.
I do this because I value the gifts of the earth and have a passion for leading women to empower themselves. I know with confidence that natural options will upgrade them to a happier and healthier state of being.
I know it can be overwhelming to sift through all the information out there, and try to choose the best options for your family’s health and well-being. Well what I do now, is teach women to focus on the most natural solutions, to effectively and simply make their lives easier. What that means is that they can have more time, energy, and resources to live their lives by their own design in grace and flow.
Want to learn details of becoming a member of the Gypsy Vibe Tribe Essential Oil Team? We are looking for a few key partners to carry out our mission. Please fill out this short form and we can chat.
Or maybe you seek some guidance for personal use in how to get started on this oily journey? Get started here or just reach out to my via email at nicholemiller@gypsyvibetribe.com and we can go over all your questions and customize a plan for you.   We have something for every stage and budget so don’t be shy.  I am here for you….always. Is your heart giving you a call to action to join us on this adventure? Listen to that call and take that first step.
Love, Peace, and Lots of Oils,