Back to School Support with On Guard!

Schools are back in session or getting ready to be, and this means it’s time to protect your children and students.


I would like to feature a powerhouse of an oil blend, dōTERRA’s On Guard Protective Blend.

Our oil blend has a greater range of applications and can be  used topically, aromatically, and internally. This is one of my favorites to diffuse at home, especially going back to school, because of its protective benefits.

On Guard is one of my favorite oils not only because of the amazing benefits it brings to my family after a long day at school/work but because it smells so good!  Many people call this one “Christmas in a bottle!”

Diffusing On Guard along with Wild Orange and Lemon creates a lovely scent that uplifts my family and boosts their immune system  at the same time. Another of my favorite ways to use this oil is the On Guard Beadlets. They are 1/4th of a drop of oil from the bottle which is the perfect amount if you need a quick pick me up. On Guard is one of the most popular oils blends at dōTERRA because of its wide range of uses. How have you used the oil in your home?


To learn more about this versatile oil, check out its spotlight here:



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