Beach Hair Don’t Care

I have been having some fun mixing up all sorts of natural hair care products that are natural and made from ingredients I already had in my home!


My favorite two recipes are the Dry Shampoo and the Beach Wave Salt Spray. I used to buy dry shampoo from the store and my husband would run away every time I used it because of the smell I guess? Thankfully, my get-ready time is not so scary anymore with dōTERRA’s recipe. It works just as well as the store brand and it smells a whole lot better!

The Beach Wave Salt Spray it gave my hair’s naturally lame waves more body and makes me feel like I just came from the beach, which is hard to do living in Western Massachusetts!


If you are reading this, my guess is you are interested in going more natural in your way of living. Why not start with your hair products? dōTERRA has created ten different recipes to help your hair and scalp be a little more toxin-free. Which recipe do you think you will use?


Below I a Diffuser Blend based on where I would like to be right now.  Enjoy and have a fab week, Gypsies!




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