Boho Chic Office Chair Redo for Under $50

If you have spent any time with me you know that I love scouring thrift stores for treasure and I also love recycling my found treasure into something even more spectacular!   I love that it is economical, environmentally friendly, and gives you a chance to express your individuality.  Now that is my jam!

I wanted to share with you all a special project that I recently completed that combined thrifting, upcycling, and design!  You may know that I recently moved 1,400 miles south to sunny Florida.  Well,  did you know that we hardly brought any furniture with us?  It’s true and here is why.  We moved from a log cabin in New England to a new home in SW Florida and for starters the styles are world’s apart.  I love bringing elements of where I live into the home and I knew that we could find furniture to suit our new surroundings with a little creative ingenuity.

Now we did bring pieces that we love dearly,  but for the most part it has been like a big scavenger hunt to furnish the house.  I have found excellent pieces at Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and on Facebook Marketplace.   Some of the pieces I find are great as they are, but some need a little zhooshing up!

One of the easiest ways I have found so far to bring on the “zhoozing” is with Dixie Belle Chalk Paint found at a local store here in Punta Gorda.  I will share more on the topic of chalk painting another day.  I have completed about a half dozen pieces for the house so far and am thrilled with the results!  Getting back to this awesome shop, the name of the store is Funkie Junkies and it is a dream to stroll through and search for all the right furniture and home accents that make a house a home and in true Florida style.  It is like a consignment shop on steroids!  Many local artists paint fantastic furniture, you can find wall art, vases, pillows, you name it and it can be found.   If you are ever in this town be sure to swing by and check it out.  It will not disappoint.

I have to give credit to finding the piece I just finished to my husband.  He was at a thrift store and took a picture to show me.  We were looking for an office chair and since our desk is in our bedroom I was being particularly picky about what it looked like.  When I saw the chair I was floored.  It was PERFECT!!!  But….the teal material in the front of the chair was worn and cracked.  Other than that I could NOT find a chair so perfect in every way if I tried,  so I went back and snagged it for $24!


If you are redoing an office chair I suggest finding one with good bones.  You don’t want to do all that work for a low quality chair.  Cosmetics are easy to fix but make sure the wheels are in good shape, it adjusts as you need it too, and it is comfy!

I loved the color of the chair so I opted for recovering just the seat of the chair.  I found the perfect fabric at and I even found a perfectly good staple gun AND staples at my local Habitat for Humanity for $7! Deals are out there.  You just need to know where to look and have some patience.

There are plenty of tutorials out there to redo an office chair so I won’t get into all that,  but I will say get a good quality and durable fabric to use.  I used canvas and it is perfect.  Iron your fabric to get wrinkles out and when you staple it on make sure you really pull that fabric nice and tight!  You don’t want wrinkles or for the material to have any give to it.  Nice and snug makes a world of difference.

It is actually really easy to take off the arms and disassemble the back of the chair.  Just use your Google machine and look it up.  Easy!  There are caps that cover the screws to remove the arms that just pop off,  and then you need an allen wrench or screwdriver depending on the the manufacturer to take it apart.  I kept the bottom seat attached to the base and wheels and just removed the back of the chair.


I hope this inspires you to make something worn out and old beautiful again!  I seriously love this chair and am so happy with the way it turned out.  Everyone deserves furniture that makes them smile.  If you don’t have that now, go out and get busy.  You can do it and it is so worth it.







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