Burn Your To-Do List!

When I first became a Mama, I was a list-maker. I have always been a very detailed list maker, accounting for EVERY SINGLE thing I felt I had to do. I mean everything….. It must have had enough tasks for 5 people to do in a week, but it was mine, all mine.

This changed about a year or so ago.
I was at a breaking point.
I could not do it all. 
There was never enough time.
I never finished the list.
It just grew and grew and grew.
Not only was I keeping track of myself, my hubs, my house, my biz, my dogs, my van.  
I now had 3 little humans to care for, that easily tripled my list!

Not only did I carry around this massive list, I carried around stress with me most of the time. Pretty much all the time.

Then one day, listening to some video of Leonie Dawson talk about something inspiring and magical I am sure, she talked about MIT’s. Most Important Tasks.
It really clicked with me that there was a better way to live.

In the morning as I sip coffee, I decide on my 3 MIT’s for the day. Yup, that’s right. Three!!!

These three things are absolutely essential to the day. As other things come up, I write them in my planner as to when realistically looks like a day and time I can actually get them done.

I feel like for a “recovering list-maker,” I finally rose up to a higher vibration. A calmer, less stressed, realistically organized Mama who not only realized that MIT’s can be things like “Do the girls laundry,” but can also be things of joy and that make me smile.

Now you may find on my MIT’s things like:

Sit down by the river behind my house for 15 minutes
Hula hoop
Sit in the sun for 15 minutes in silence
Soak in the tub in my beautiful oils
Listen to Phish for 10 minutes and dance


It’s nice right? Yeah so I need a reminder to do things everyday. At least they are 3 things it takes to make me feel complete and accomplished as I lay my head on my pillow each night.

One of today’s MIT’s was to enjoy a glass of Rose after work on our deck.

Mission accomplished.

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