Dropping A Love-bomb On The World

Hello Beauty,

For me, belonging to something and aligning with a mission that I know can bring a positive change to myself and to the world around me, was a priority when deciding what to align my forces with as a business and a way of life.

The humanitarian work that doTERRA does on a global scale makes my heart soar. Working with a company like this was a vital piece of the plan, and proves so inspiring to me to carry out my mission to drop a love-bomb on the world.

Watching the video ‘Co-Impact Sourcing of Frankincense in Somaliland, I feel so proud to be connected with doTERRA and to women around the world providing for their families, just as I, and as many of you do. doTERRA cares about the plants and trees, the people, the heritage, and community as a whole….in fact they care about the global community. And those aren’t just words! The proof is undeniable.

I want to highlight today two other ways the doTERRA gives back to the world through the Healing Hands Foundation.

The first is their Rose Oil Lotion – an incredible 193,333 rose petals are needed for 5 mls of rose essential oil, making it valuable and rare. Rose Oil Lotion was chosen to be a donation product by the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation – meaning that all proceeds from its sale go directly into the humanitarian work of the foundation. Incredible, right?

The second is the Hope Oil, a beautiful blend that is in high demand – all proceeds from its sales go directly to the work of O.U.R Rescue.

The Hope Oil blend was initially manufactured for one of the partners of the Healing Hands Foundation, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R. Rescue) which rescues children globally from slavery and sex trafficking. It was originally created for the workers to give to at-risk children and it had a special label that peeled back providing hotline phone numbers for the children to call for help.

Hope Oil blend is available for sale with the full purchase price going to the work of O.U.R. Rescue. Knowing things like this about doTERRA just solidifies what I know in my heart…..that I am committed to working alongside them.

The Healing Hands Foundation also encourages their wellness advocates to ask for help from the foundation for any projects or services that line up with its mission statement and core values.

If you would like to get involved and to become a part of the Gypsy Vibe Tribe Essential Oil Team, check out http://gypsyvibetribe.com/about-essential-oils today.

Need to hear some more goodness? That’s easy. I have SO MUCH to share.

dōTERRA creates partnerships with growers around the world, nurturing developing economies and preserving agricultural traditions through dōTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing® and dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® initiatives. Learn more at sourcetoyou.com.

So…..If you want to build your own business, please consider using doTERRA as a vehicle to do this. It is an option worth thinking about and shouldn’t be dismissed because of pre-judgments. The great thing about this model is that as you grow your business, other lives are lifted. Every purchase changes growers’ lives and their communities for the better. Entire regions and cultures are impacted because you share health and hope!

Please send me an email for more information. nicholemiller@gypsyvibetribe.com

Light, Love, and Lots of Oils,

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