Empowerment Kit!

Did you know empowerment, health, well-being, and support comes in tiny bottles?

It’s true.

The Home Essentials Kit is dōTERRA’s most popular kit, and it is the optimal place for anyone to get started on their oily journey, regardless of wants or needs.

Why? Because it contains 10 of the most versatile oils, that can support every bodily system:

Endocrine (hormones)

PLUS it has oils that can support you on every single level….the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It will return your body and mind to a balanced and healthy state all by using nature’s gifts of the earth!

You can use them for health and wellness, mediation/yoga tools, emotional support, bug repellent, a way to swap out your over-the-counter meds with an all natural alternative that actually works, or you can use them to making your own non-toxic household cleaning products.

They really are pretty astounding and I can personally attest to the fact that they have made my quality of life finer and more divine. (Just ask my family….I am a MUCH nicer and more patient person now!)

If you have been following my social media for a while, you already know of my fondness for these oils because they are so, friggin pure, high vibe, and charged with awesomeness!

The Home Essentials Kit also comes with the beautiful Petal Diffuser and is one the best value-for-money starter kits, that will save you about $92 off retail price. You get 10 big bottles (15mL…….250 drops per bottles) so they last AGES. I can also tell you how to use them all and support your 100% on your journey to wellness.

All new accounts come with a Welcome Starter Kit from me that includes high value tools and materials to get you using your oils straight out of the box!

Contact me through the Contact page on the site, or use the how-to order instructions to get yours today and start living the way you dream about living…..all natural, chemical-fee, healthy and well.

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