I admit…I hated chemistry in high school!

It is true.  I wasn’t all that into chemistry in high school.  However, I AM really into learning the chemistry behind what makes essential oils work!  I find it so fascinating!  We are so lucky to have Dr. Hill as one of our executives, here at doTerra! 


Essential oils became much less confusing and more useable as soon as I learned more about their chemistry. I really enjoyed reading this article because, in my own experience, I knew the essential oils were working for me, but I wasn’t sure why or how. I am the sort of person that needs to know the ‘why’.


Learning more about the chemistry can seem daunting which is why I love how Dr. Hill breaks it down for us. He gives an easy to understand explanation of the science behind how and why these drops can do so much for our wellness.

What other resources have you found that help you understand the ‘why’ behind your favorite oils? You can check out this “Ask Dr. Hill” article.


Before I go, I wanted to leave you with a few tips.

I hope the rest of the week is smooth sailing!  If you want to shop for any of the oils here or check out what other oils and products are available from doTerra, walk this way.  If this stuff excites you and you want to learn how you can make essential oils into a profitable business of your own, then come on over here.  If you want access to 25% right now, them enter here.  I am always here for you to ask questions or help you get set up.  Whatever it is, please reach out and I would be honored to help.

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