I Get By With a Little Help From Mother Nature

Mother Nature holds the wisdom and life-nourishing powers within her.  She is willing to share her goods with us human folk if we are open to receiving her gifts.  doTERRA means gifts of the earth and this one I must share with you all because it is just too good not to!

If you are feeling like you need an upgrade in your state of mind keep reading.  I will share will you all the calming and high vibe benefits of the Adaptive Blend capsules.

If you are following my personal adventures you know already that I have just moved my family from Massachusetts to Southwest Florida a few short weeks ago.  Things haven’t gone according to plan here with many issues with our new home build and the stress related to this move is massive.  There are just many things beyond my control that are happening here that I must find a way to deal with while trying to remain graceful, kind, a nurturing mother, supportive wife, friend, dog mom, chaos coordinator, and try to get my oil business back into a groove and keep spreading the love and education about natural living.

You may relate when it comes to feeling those affects of day to day stresses, anxious feelings, feeling discouraged, feeling like you need to chill the heck out before you blow your top and I have some comforting news for you.  There is a better way.  There is a tool that you an easily have access to that will benefit you.

Good signs that you are in need of a little help from Mother Nature would be that nagging headache that keeps popping up,   trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep through the night, being less productive than you would care to be, or that pit in your stomach that won’t go away.  These are you body’s call to you for help.

You are worth more than just pushing through the pain.  You deserve rest, a calm state of mind, and to feel like a chill goddess that I know you really are.

Stress management activities like yoga, meditation, working out, going for a walk around the neighborhood, filling you body with nourishing foods, and staying hydrated are all important pieces to mental health.

I can’t take away those stress points in your day, but I can let you know that incorporating the Adaptive Calming Supplements into your day can help you feel like you have some control over your emotions and give you an advantage.

Benefits of the capsule include:

  • Calms and promotes positive feelings
  • Supports mood and helps improve state of mind
  • Helps when acclimating to new surroundings and adapting to stressful situations
  • Encourages relaxation
  • Supports cognitive function and emotional balance
  • Promotes mental well-being

The Adaptiv Calming Blend Capsules have mood-boosting and tension-reducing effects of a blend of CPTG® (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils that include:



Wild Orange


They also have botanicals of:




To read detailed supplements facts head here.

Here is why those are some superpower Mother Earth gifts. (Warning!  I am about to get all nerdy here for a moment.)

Sceletium comes from a succulent plant found in South Africa known as Kanna. Sceletium Extract is responsibly sourced from a sustainable supply with endorsement by the South African indigenous knowledge holders. A unique phytochemical ingredient found in Sceletium Extract, brings a feeling of “alert serenity.”  The extract supports healthy emotional responses to everyday stressors and promotes feelings of happiness and well-being.  It balances healthy levels of mood-stabilizing hormones and improves cognitive function while combating occasional nervousness.

A quieting neurotransmitter, GABA, also helps protmote relaxation.  GABA has a natural comforting effect and helps reduce feelings of apprehension and fear by decreasing neuronal excitability.  Sometimes called “the brakes of the brain,” because it lowers the activity of neural cells in the brain and central nervous system, it has the effect of moving the brain and the body into lower gear. By inhibiting neural activity, GABA reduces mental and physical strain.

So here is the deal.  If you need some help just take my hand and let me help you get this into your home for you to use as needed.  You just need to take one capsule a day.  I will be taking one on the daily for a while here it seems but I am so grateful for it. (If you are pregnant or nursing please use only under your doctors care and always consult them first before adding a supplement into your routine.)

If you have your own account already (high five!) then you can add this to your cart and start enjoying better days in no time.  Or better yet, add this to your monthly wellness box (technically known as ordering it in your Loyalty Rewards Program or LRP for short) and earn some points to shop for free oils!

If you are brand new to doTERRA and want to open your own account and save 25% off retail pricing just let me know.  My email is nicholemiller@gypsyvibetribe.com or message me on FB or IG for help getting started.  There are some awesome incentives this month for creating your own account so don’t wait to long as the promo ends at the end of the months.  (That is just 3 days for people like me who don’t even know what day it is sometimes.  LOL)

May calmer days be with you, tribe.

Love, Light, and Lots of Oils,






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