Lemon Eucalyptus Making a Big Impact

Be ready on October 1st for a BRAND NEW OIL!
LEMON EUCALYPTUS is coming and making an impact already on a GLOBAL level.
Along with the Tea Tree Farmers, these hard-wording harvesters are making enough money to finally own their own land. They’ve only ever built their one room homes on land that wasn’t theirs, but the Co-Impact Sourcing program is a WIN for everyone. They have found another oil to harvest and help raise up their communities in Kenya!
dōTERRA has a stewardship to care for those people who care for the plants, bringing a hope for a better tomorrow!
Totally affordable to all at $12 with your own account, you can put this in your super-power tool box and use it for a myriad of purposes.
Along with the uses listed on the graphic here you can use Lemon Eucalyptus:
*To supports a healthy gut
*When the immune system is suppressed
*To support healthy skin. (especially on the feet! It’s great!!)
*Lemon eucalyptus has citronella which can block the smell from the potty!! Just keep by the toilet add drop a couple drops in the the water to keep your bathroom fresh! Any all natural freshener!!!
Contact me for helping setting up your own account today so you can be ready for all the NEW products being released October 1st!
Love, Light, and Lots of Oils,
Nichole Miller
doTERRA Wellness Advoate

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