Let’s talk about the “F” word

The dirtiest word I know these days is the  “F” word.  Only, it may not be the “F” word you are thinking.  In fact it is worse.


Definition of fragrance

  1. 1a:  a sweet or delicate odor (as of fresh flowers, pine trees, or perfume)b:  something (as a perfume) compounded to give off a sweet or pleasant odor

  2. 2:  the quality or state of having a sweet odor

This definition seems harmless enough, right?  Well, in a perfect world this is all it would mean.  Unfortunately, fragrance means something much more toxic and horrifying these days.

Fragrance is the umbrella term for companies to hide thousands of chemicals behind.  And what is worse, the do not legally need to list what those chemicals are on the back of your products.  The dirty word “fragrance” replaces that laundry list of toxins they don’t want you to know about.

Once I woke up to what was happening, I was done.  How much damages these chemicals are doing to our bodies is plain horrifying.  We all need to switch everything with the word fragrance on it,  to a non-toxic natural product.  This should be our mission if it hasn’t been already.

With so many toxins we are exposed to outside the home on a daily basis, we really need to do everything we can to control what is in our own homes,  and make sure it is a safe and healthy environment.

I know to many of you this task may seem daunting, but it is time.

There are a variety of resources available to you right here on essential oils and natural products.  I am here for you, friend.  I will walk with you through this journey of taking back your home!  Read up, listen up, and take action.  Why?

Let plants in your home help clear the air.  Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp or two.  Use the earth’s gifts of essential oils to make this switch to a natural lifestyle and safe home.  Stop bringing in these toxic items into your home!  Make a list of everything in your home you would like to replace and if it seems like to much all at once, work on that list every week.  Bit by bit or all at once, you really need to get this done.



I am not trying to scare the pants off you, but I really want to enlighten you on this topic and shake you awake!  Please watch THIS VIDEOAnother great thing to watch is, The Human Experiment which can be found on Netflix.

Perfumes are one of the worst toxic chemical mixes you can use, but they don’t have to be!  I am having a “Spring Inspired – Custom Roller Perfume Make and Take” on March 4th from 2-4 p.m. in Berkshire County.  We will be making safe, beneficial, and gorgeous smelling blends of natural perfume.  Please see the event page for more details.

We will be making roller ball blends with the finest, high quality essential oils available.  Treat yourself to a few custom blends that will lift your spirits and make you feel radiant!

Kids are welcome and can make their own safe blends too! These blends can calm tantrums, help get a good night sleep, focus, boost immunity, or just make them happy!

I will have a menu of options to choose from. You will follow easy instruction and make some natural perfume to take home with you. I will be teaching the benefits of essential oils as we go.

Making your own perfume using all natural ingredients will make you feel great for many reasons. You will save money first of all, which is always a bonus! Also, there are no awful side effects from the toxins that are often in store-bought perfumes, so no headaches, sneezing or any of that come along with it.  And the benefits of the essential oils give you so much more than just the nice scents!


Let’s breakup with our toxic relationships with items in our very own home!



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