New Home Jitters

Packing up 3 kids, a dog, and a gecko and moving 1,402 miles south is not for the faint of heart.  Faint of heart, I am not.  Never have been.  I live life big.  Not on anyone’s rules but my own and I am not afraid of taking chances.  You see, I have a lot of faith that the universe puts out a big net for you to fall into and it only appears when needed.


I picked up and moved from Massachusetts to California 3 weeks after college without ever first stepping foot in the state.  I decided to move back a couple year later when the fall leaves in the Berkshires were too inciting to be ignored.  Life has a funny way of working out no matter where you are or what you do.

I feel callings in my bones ever since I was a kid,  and they are too strong to be ignored.  Does that always mean I am cool as a cucumber?  Nah.  Certainly not.  But I roll with things,  and if I can quiet the chatter in my brain long enough to remember why I am doing something in the first place, I regain my balance and strength to move forward.

I wrote a journal entry last night I decided to share in hopes you can see that we all get scared and nervous about things, but our emotions don’t have to control us.  I also keep doTERRA’s Brave, the Courage Blend close at hand (and heart) these days and will do so in the days to come.


Brave is a from the Kid’s Collection of blends and you can also pick it up individually.  It is diluted in fractionated coconut oil and made of only the purest oils on earth, so it is safe for my children and for myself to use when I need a little boost of courage.


When uneasy feelings come up or just as an amazing way to start the day, you can roll on the back of the neck, soles of the feet, pulse points, or tummy for you daily dose of confidence.  Wherever you feel that emotions settling into your body is a great place to apply the oil.  You can even try pairing Brave with a daily affirmation for added effect.  It hits the reset button on feelings of stress and doubt for me and the science behind how it works makes it a great tool for anyone to use for the same reasons.

Wild Orange, Amyris, Osmanthus, and Cinnamon Bark all loved up in in the perfect mix in Fractionated Coconut Oil in a gentle, quick application method,  Brave is an essential emotional boost to the day.

It has a bright and warm aroma invigorating to the soul,  and helps relight that power from within.  Featuring the unique essential oil from Amyris Wood, Brave helps promote a calm environment while reducing feelings of anxiousness and stress. Before tackling life’s big (or small) moments, roll Brave onto the bottoms of your feet and the backs of your hands to instill courage and positivity, with the reassurance that you can accomplish anything.


Journal entry, July 7, 2019.


Sometimes I feel caught between 2 worlds.  Between Massachusetts and Florida, mourning a home we have loved and a celebrating the birth of a new one.

Closing off from friends so the saying goodbye is less painful.  But I know, it doesn’t work like that.

Questioning career, what I have done with my life, what I have and haven’t done.  What I can do.

Savoring the last bite of a meal at a favorite restaurant, but excited to discover our new favorite spot.  What will be our restaurant?  What things will be just mine that I haven’t discovered yet?
Before it gets too far, I try to let the past and future dissolve into nothing, because when you really think about it all, none of it really exists anyways.  The past is gone and the future hasn’t happened yet.

I am here.


Breathing into my physical body and feeling that safety and security that I AM already home.

I am already home.






And so it is.





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