Resiliency Leads To Joy

Hey tribe!  I am going to share some goofy photos of  myself in an attempt to show you how being resilient can lead to pure joy!  When we moved into our new home we build in SW FL a couple weeks ago we thought we would just be able to move right in and get to the good stuff… swimming in our new pool!  But as life would have it,  that was far from the story of what happened.  Without getting into too many details here I will just say that we got down here and couldn’t move in at all!  In fact we had to live in a hotel and then an Airbnb with the 5 of us, our dog Harpua, and a Leopard Gecko named Snoop Dog.

It was a far from ideal as we had everything packed up in the Uhaul we drove down here in and couldn’t very easily get to anything that we needed to live normally.  (like clothing for one!)  The kids were starting school and a brand new state and the situation was very stressful not to mention expensive.

When we finally got the keys to the house the nightmare didn’t (and hasn’t stopped).  We moved into a home that was a new build but still had an extensive list of items both major and minor that needed to be fixed because of mistakes or just poor quality of work.  We were NOT aware of this as we took possession of our home and at this point we there was literally no turning back.  So we get in but realized we can’t even unpack except for our necessities and we can’t move in all our furniture because people need to come into the home and do work.  Not just some work…..we are talking dust stirring, tile grinding, saws a-spinning, filthy, loud,  make you head spin around  work!  And this will be the status quo for quite some time as nothing gets done down here very quickly.  It is a very unfortunate situation and we are doing the best we can.

We have all dreamed as a family of the day we got to do a cannon-ball into our glistening pool…….BUT WAIT!  The 1st day we were there someone from the pool company comes and tells us we CANNOT swim in the pool for another 30 days!  Talk about disappointment!  When you are out of state and you are building a pool and a home I can’t overstate the need to work with people that can effectively, routinely, and reliably communicate with you so that you don’t have any of these awful surprises.  So we have been waiting, and staring upon this beautiful salt water pool and just waiting for the day we can barrel in there with gusto and pure joy and Baptize ourselves as official Floridians!

Well my friends, yesterday was that day!  I wanted to share these pictures and story with you because you need to be resilient and  flexible to sometimes navigate your dreams to becoming a reality.  My husband and I have spent almost a decade to make this dream happen for us and dammit I was going to enjoy this moment!  Sadly he was not there with my to enjoy this moment as he was pulled away for a family emergency.


I am calling this moment my “bounce back moment.”  I aim to adapt and be flexible and move with grace and flow through my days.

I know the Universe has my back and is teaching me some hard lessons here.  I will pay attention to the guidance and am open to receiving it and the endless abundance that is coming.   I am changing my story to one of joy and courage, and resiliency!

I hope this story brought you some inspiration and maybe a chuckle at my photos here.  Photo credits go to my daughter.

This is what pure joy looks like!  This is a reminder that we can accomplish what may seem unimaginable on some days. A reminder that we can have focus and motivation to get to that place, to jump into that pool of life and make the best of it.


Love, Light, and Lots of Oils,


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