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Hello, friends! I am Mama Nic, also known as Nichole Miller.   Nice to meet you! Here’s a bit about my shop, background, and hopes for the future.

The idea of a business called Jam’n Jellybeans happened so organically. What started as an idea as the Jam ‘N Jellybeans Phunky Jam Dress for a friend, quickly blossomed into something so much more! The core of the business sprouted from that little dress and soon it blossomed into a culmination of my passion, education, dreams, life-experiences and vision for the future.

Mission Statement: My designs are always fueled by music, design, respect for the earth, and all people on it. I aim to create groovy threads as sweet and unique as the ones that will be wearing them! I aim to create phunky, functional products that are high on the sweetness scale.

My handmade merchandise is inspired by music, and more specifically jambands!

My focus is my children’s clothing lines, but I also have accessories, and a sampling of items for the Mamas and Papas too. Centered around my love of the Grateful Dead and Phish, I create unique, mostly one-of-a-kind, groovy garments using custom printed fabrics , upcycled and re-purposed clothing, and lots of phunky style.

“Get Down Upcycled” is a line of all music inspired clothing that mixes upcycled, pre-loved, new materials, and accents to create dresses, pants, oneisies, shirts, sweatshirts, and scarves to name a few. This line is dedicated to all ages and genders.

“Jam’n Jellybeans” is the line that is devoted entirely to new materials all designed with music lovers in mind. This line is dedicated to fans all of ages and genders. My Jam Jar Packaging Upgrade even comes in a actual jam jar all decked out to make you the rock-star of gift giving!

“My Sweet Marmalade” is a children specific line that offers festive, bold prints, colors, and materials that appeal to the childhood heart in anyone.

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My titles are (but not limited to….or by) the following: Designer to Phans, Mama Bear, Writer, Head Gypsy,  Salt Air Addict, Truth Seeker, Preveyor of Phashion, Master Upcycler, Essential Oil Guru,  Dead Head, Phish fanatic, Thrift Store Pro shopper, and last but not least CEO of Customer Happiness!

Sewing teeny tiny dresses, Phishy Phashions, and upcycled threads has become my PASSION and I hope they bring you as much joy as I get from making them. I feel extremely grateful everyday to be able to share my gifts with the world and have a loyal, supportive tribe that I am proud to call my Phamily.

Since the birth of my daughter, whom I nicknamed Marmalade, I have felt inspired. She is my muse and I am happy to create for her, and hopefully for the little one in your life.

I am lucky enough to have had another girl since, who gets spoiled with homemade threads as well. My son is the oldest and I do create things for him as well but my main focus on this site is things for little girls and their Mamas. As you can see some boys wear has made its way to my page now and I continue to strive to create more threads for boys and their Papas!

Nichole has a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising from Marist College. Previously a Stylist/Assistant Manager of Visual Merchandising for Nordstrom, she traded a corporate-based career for a local run shop as an Assistant Buyer/Manager at the landmark store in Northampton, MA called Faces. After meeting her now husband, she moved back to the Berkshires and became a long-standing employee of Blue Q as a Customer Service Rep. As a mother to three little souls, she happily traded in her 9-to-5 gig to run her own homegrown business. Her days include sewing teeny tiny threads for little ones, teaching others about the earth’s natural medicines, playing and craft time with the kids, driving the Mama Van around town,  getting the kiddos off to their activities, maintaining all the technical side of running a business, and of course jamming out to music whenever possible.

With inspiration around every corner, you never know what you will find in the shop next!